Hook screen

Hook screen

Hook screens can be installed as a fine material mechanical treatment stage at wastewater treatment plants.

Hook type screens are intended for extraction of fine and medium waste solids from industrial and domestic wastewater with their subsequent mechanized unloading into the transporter or waste bin.

The screens are intended for use in the wastewater with a pH of 6.5-8.5.

The hook type screen retains and removes solids of which the size exceeds that of the filtering mesh openings from the wastewater. Collected solids are moved in an upward direction to the discharge zone by means of the hooks. Here it is discharged into the transporter or waste bin. After the waste is discharged, cleaning of the filtering mesh is performed by wash water from the nozzles, followed by the revolving brushes. In addition, the previous hook line cleans the next hook line at the moment of its overturn.

The screen operation periodicity depends on the equipment automation scheme.

Due to the special design of the filtering mesh, a contamination layer is generated onto the working surface and creates an additional filtering effect which allows catchment of particles with sizes less than 5 mm