Municipal water and waste water treatment


"Aquantis" deals with the design, supply of equipment, reconstruction, construction and maintenance of municipal water and waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and networks :

1) Development of design estimates (feasibility study, P, RD, EIA).
2) Approval of the project in the State Building Inspection, SES, Ecology Inspection.
3) Construction and installation work:
- construction and reconstruction of agricultural reservoirs of wastewater treatment plants
- waterproofing of b / w structures
- installation of pipelines and fittings
- introduction of mechanical dressing equipment from garbage and sand (rake, automatic grating, etc.)
- installation of modern aeration elements
- replacement of outdated pumping equipment using frequency regulation and smooth starters
- replacement of obsolete compressor equipment
- implementation of automation and dispatching devices
- disinfection of sewage with ultraviolet light or dosage of hypochlorite
- reconstruction and installation of biofilters
- introduction of a system of dewatering and processing of sediments (screw dehydrators, decanter centrifuges, filter presses, bags)
- installation of frame buildings for treatment of sandwich panels
- introduction of the system of ventilation and filtration of air treatment facilities andetc.
4. Setting-up and maintenance works


Industrial water and waste water treatment


"Aquantis" develop and implement modern technologies for industrial waste water treatment 
We are using all solutions for industrial waste water treatment:

- Mechanical pretreatment
- SBR 


- UV deinfection
- Separation
- Dewatering of sludges
Major areas of application in industrial waste water treatment :
- Meat processing and slaughter of cattle and poultry;
- Dairy and cheese industry;
- Chemical and petrochemical industry;
- Textile industry;
- Leather production;
- Production of paper;
- Biotechnology.